South Gloucestershire selects Civica to drive digital transformation

South Gloucestershire selects Civica to drive digital transformation

South Gloucestershire Council has selected Civica Digital to join forces with for a two-year partnership to drive its digital transformation journey.

As a part of the partnership, Civica Digital will develop a digital customer platform which is expected to help the council offer an improved user experience for residents and also produce future cost and efficiency savings.

Civica Digital has said that the platform will allow residents of South Gloucestershire to report issues and perform routine transactions online. However, residents won’t be able to be informed about the status of their requests.

The platform aims to optimise daily customer interactions and provide a strong base for a single sign-on customer portal. The platform will allow the council to connect all customer service employees to real-time information, thereby delivering a more seamless service experience.

South Gloucestershire Council leader Cllr Matthew Riddle said: “Ensuring that our services are accessible and customer-centric is something we’re passionate about improving for the benefit of all residents in South Gloucestershire.

“As we embark on our digital journey, we of course recognise that not everyone is digitally orientated, nor does everyone have direct access to a computer or mobile and we will ensure their needs continue to be catered for by providing options to complete transactions either offline or through advocates.”

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After fully implementing the initial customer platform, Civica Digital plans to help the council in exploring how future services and resident demand can be better managed by using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and predictive analytics.

Civica Digital executive director Chris Doutney said: “It’s clear that South Gloucestershire Council is a forward-thinking, digital-first council. Not only are they looking for immediate technology solutions, but the council is also thinking ahead to create an exemplary service for residents and local businesses, as well as its own employees.”