Scottish Gov’t unveils plan to boost cyber resilience

Scottish Gov't unveils plan to boost cyber resilience

The Scottish government has announced plans to place cyber skills at the heart of learning and development, in a move to boost cyber resilience in the country amid growing online and digital threats.

As part of the initiative, Scotland will aim to spread awareness of cyber resilience and also create talent pool for cyber security to enhance capabilities for guarding against malicious cyber activity.

The plan is essentially a blueprint for the Scottish government and its partners in the public and private sectors to come together to improve on a broader understanding of cyber security.

It was rolled out by Economy Secretary Keith Brown at a meeting with BT apprentices in Edinburgh during the Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2018.

BT Scotland director Brendan Dick said: “As one of the biggest dedicated cyber security practices in the world we’re pleased to host the launch of this action plan which will help to bolster the cyber security profession in Scotland.

“We’re proud to be one of the first employers of cyber security apprentices in Scotland, with around 20 in Edinburgh, and more broadly we have 320 apprentices across Scotland.”

The Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Action Plan framed by the government comprises key measures to be taken by education, business and the public sector to bolster and further impart understanding of the necessity for cyber-security.

The government is looking to embed cyber resilience into the education and lifelong learning system and also increase it at work places.

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It also wants the creation of a cyber security workforce so that skills supply matches demand, giving professionals an opportunity to bag rewarding employment in the country.

Brown said: “Supporting the development of these specialist skills will be vital to the success of other activity on cyber resilience as well as our forthcoming plan to help us to take advantage of the economic opportunities presented by our work on cyber security.”