MHRA launches new online service for devices customers

MHRA launches new online service for devices customers

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched an online service to support customers of the devices division and improve transparency, responsiveness, usability and effectiveness of its services.

Developed by the devices division, the service will allow the agency to better manage its business, reduce administrative burden, and put customers at the heart of the business by designing services around their needs.

The service will offer customers a better way to do business with the MHRA; provide a single online account with the agency; provide access to the Devices Registration (DR) and Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) services through a new online portal; allow the MHRA staff to access and provide information to customers more efficiently and quickly; and enhance customer service.

The agency, which began rolling out new online accounts to customers in November 2017, aims to have everyone on the new system by the end of February 2018.

Customers using the Device Registration (DR) service or those who apply for Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) will be moved to the new system in groups.

They will receive go-live date and detailed instructions and support to prepare for using the new system, the MHRA said in a notification.

Existing registration will remain valid and the agency will inform the customers what action they need to take to update their new accounts.

Under the new service, customers will have a single point of entry and single account for DR and CFS.

An improved interface for content makes the new system more usable and simplifies the channels used by the customers to engage with the MHRA.

As the agency is implementing the new medical devices regulations, customers can update their registered devices with the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) free of cost.

Customers, who used generic codes earlier, will have to use additional GMDN codes/terms to correctly detail their devices.

The online service is hosted by MHRA’s technology provider Appian.