ICO launches GDPR awareness campaign for micro-businesses

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a GDPR awareness campaign for people running micro-businesses, to help support the changing regulations.

The new law will be regulated by the ICO and it will give people more control about how their data is used, shared and stored. Organisations will have to be more accountable and transparent about how they use data. The radio adverts campaign is primarily aimed at those micro-businesses which have not heard about the GDPR.

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said: “All organisations have to be ready for the new data protection rules, but we recognise that micro-businesses in the UK face particular challenges. I’m sure the women and men running micro-businesses in the UK will want to be ready when the new law comes into force, but they may not know where to start, and that is what the new tools and information on our website can help with.

“For the large majority of micro-businesses, the steps towards GDPR compliance can be practical and achievable without costly or expensive external support. It’s also worth noting that many sector and industry groups and associations are offering help to micro-businesses about the GDPR and can be a good starting point for industry-specific advice.”

The ICO is empowered to take action, including criminal prosecution, non-criminal enforcement and audit, to change the behaviour of organisations and individuals that collect, use and keep personal information. It also has the power to impose a monetary penalty of up to £500,000 on a data controller.

How organisations should be preparing

Under the Data Protection Act, those who process personal information should ensure that the information is fairly and lawfully processed; processed for limited purposes; adequate, relevant and not excessive; accurate and up to date; not kept for longer than is necessary; processed in line with the customers’ rights; secure; and not transferred to other countries without adequate protection.