37m Brits to ask personal data to be edited or deleted after GDPR says study

37 million Brits may seek personal data to be edited or deleted after GDPR, says study

Businesses across the UK could face almost 40million requests over personal data deletion when GDPR is implemented in May. 

The survey by Crown Records Management has said British businesses could face up to 37million requests from citizens, asking for their personal data to be edited or deleted from May 25th. Therefore, the survey said businesses are bracing themselves to face this situation and to determine how much it will cost them.

GDPR will give all EU citizens greater rights over their personal data, including a right to ask for their data to be edited or deleted, as part of a ‘right to be forgotten’.

According to the results, 71% said they would ask a company to edit or delete their data when the new regulation comes into force, constituting 37.3 million requests in an adult UK population of 52.6 million.

On the other hand, only 8% of those polled gave a straight ‘no’ when asked if they would want data edited or deleted. Additionally, over 34% of those in the age group 25-34 years said they would without a doubt ask for their data to be edited or deleted.

Furthermore, the survey found that more than half of directors would definitely ask for their personal data to be changed or removed. Of those working in the legal profession, 57% said they would definitely want their data edited or deleted and another 29% said they would ‘possibly’ do so.

When respondents were asked what type of data they wished to be edited or deleted, 68% of the respondents said financial, banking and credit card information. Data held for marketing, mailing lists led to 66% of respondents asking for deletion. Just over half (56%) requested health and medical data to be amended and 53% requested basic personal information was changed.

How to Prepare ahead of the regulation

Crown Records Management regional manager David Fathers said: “We were all aware that the public is increasingly interested in how their personal data is used and increasingly aware of its value and the dangers of its misuse. But for so many people to indicate they will ask for data to be edited or deleted will come as a shock to many businesses. Even if only the 25% who answered ‘definitely’ follow through with that intention, then we could be looking at more than 16 million requests – which is an eye-watering figure.”

The survey results are based on over 2,000 people across the UK questioned by Censuswide.

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