Home Office seeks partner to digitise processes for Border Force officers

Home Office seeks partner to digitise processes for Border Force officers

The Home Office has opened up applications to find a partner to carry out a digital transformation project for the UK border over a two year period.

The aim of the new project is to solve most of the deficiencies in day to day operation use, as well as digitise processes. Applications are open to potential digital transformation companies, from which the successor will take on the project as part of a two-year contract valued at up to £4.5m.

According to the Home Office, the initial project is expected to deliver a new capability, which would take the place of a legacy reporting solution, currently used by the Border Force officers. At the same time, the initial project will set the precedence and develop common services to introduce additional solutions.

The Home Office also wants to see the introduction of new technology, which includes new laptops, smartphones and integration with cloud-based solutions. Additionally, the department wants new solutions to take up mobile first and strongly focus on user requirements.

It further said that all solutions should be created to standards and practices defined by Government Digital Services (GDS). Solutions should also be driven by the requirements of the user and business, whilst still giving priority to open source solutions.

The Home Office said that most of the currently used solutions are locally built based on Excell and Access, which are lagging behind in multiple aspects. With the present multi-user requirements, the current solutions in use do not scale or help the Home Office in transforming itself into a more data-powered organisation.

UK border has already undergone some digital transformation

It also advised contract seekers that development of the applications must comply with Government Digital Service Standards and well documented to meet the reviews of Technical Design Authority. The closing date for applications will be 28 February 2018.