Government boosts cyber defence with new Defence Cyber School

Government boosts cyber defence with new Defence Cyber School

The UK government has increased efforts to build cyber defence capabilities, opening a new Defence Cyber School at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham.

The new cyber school is part of a joint investment made by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the National Cyber Security Programme. According to the government, the school will provide training and education to defence and government partners in accordance with the National Cyber Security Strategy, which aims at making the UK secure and resilient in cyberspace.

The school was opened by UK Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster, who said: “Cyber threats to the UK are constantly evolving and we take them very seriously. That’s why the Defence Cyber School is so important. It’s a state-of-the-art centre of excellence that will train more personnel across Defence and wider government in dealing with emerging threats.”

As threats from hostile states are constantly changing at an alarming rate, the government has said the country is challenged by a deliberate ploy to de-stabalise peace and property. In order to tackle the threats the country faces, the National Cyber Security Strategy from 2016 allocated £1.9bn of investment in cyber defence, which is being used in conjunction with the conventional land, maritime and air capabilities to tackle the threats head-on.

The UK government said that Rapid Response Teams will be formed from April, to build on the current cyber defence capabilities. These include the Global Operations and Security Control Centre at MOD Corsham along with the MOD Computer Emergency Response Team (MOD-CERT).

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It further added that teams of specialist Incident Responders will be deployed in locations around the UK and overseas, to combat malicious cyber activity.

UK Joint Forces Command Commander General Sir Chris Deverell said: “Defence has a number of very highly-trained military personnel on hand to deal with emerging and complex cyber threats. We are reinforcing these capabilities with the creation of Rapid Response Teams. Our threat-hunters give us the ability to identify, isolate and respond to these threats, whenever and wherever they might arise.”