PaaS platform to illuminate London with 28,000 smart lights

PaaS platform to illuminate London with 28,000 smart lights

Silver Spring Networks has announced it will install its Starfish platform as a service (PaaS) across more London areas.

The installation through Starfish PaaS will connect over 28,000 smart street lights across London and wider Boroughs.

The plans include connecting across the City of London and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, adding to previous deployment in Westminster. Starfish is expected to connect approximately 12,000 smart street lights in London and 15,500 smart street lights in Barking and Dagenham Borough in partnership with Urban Control.

PaaS platform to illuminate London with 28,000 smart lights

Silver Spring Networks Starfish Platform to connect over 28,000 smart street lights across London

The channel partner offers its standards-based platforms and solutions to Silver Spring Networks. Stuart Wilson, Director of Urbancontrol said: “Silver Spring’s proven performance, reliability, system security and smart city flexibility makes it the best networking choice for the requirements for London boroughs both now and in the future,

“We believe that our city customers are setting an exemplary example for smart lighting and broader IoT deployments in London and across the UK market.”

Silver Spring’s platform was selected to provide 100% coverage in dense urban settings of the City of London, including streets, lanes and alleyways where cellular technology is not available and star networks couldn’t reach.

Silver Spring’s Starfish is centred around Silver Spring’s proven, secure and reliable wireless network and data platform, built on the Wi-SUN Internet of Things (IoT) mesh technology specification, based on the IEEE 802.15.4g standard.

Starfish program is a key aspect of the East London’s Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s individual goal to become the Green Energy Capital of London. Through the program it is aiming to drive energy efficiency through remote dimming and brightening of new smart street lights.

In addition to helping the Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the smart street lights will help the City of London to achieve their individual energy saving goals by reducing operational costs, while improving service reliability and helping lay a platform for future IoT applications. The Global Financial Hub and Business District “The Square Mile” has over 450,000 commuters pass through each day, which will benefit from the expansion of Starfish network.

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Silver Spring Network has expanded its technology in Bristol, Dubai, Paris, Singapore and has over 26.7m enabled devices delivered on five continents.

Ayse Ildeniz, Chief Operating Officer at Silver Spring Networks, said: “Being selected by London demonstrates that world-class cities rely on technology that is proven to be secure, reliable, scalable and based on our open standards technology – clear advantages that set Silver Spring’s apart from other providers that don’t have experience connecting critical infrastructure.”