Leeds City Council ramps up digital efforts with new cloud platform

Leeds City Council ramps up digital efforts in new Cloud platform

In a bid to boost services across the area, Leeds City Council has made an agreement with ANS for a Shared City Cloud Platform.

The cloud service provider ANS has been chosen by the council to rebuild its infrastructure and boost services across both the council and local NHS organisations. Leeds’ new platform will be accessible for local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), hospital trusts and mental health trusts.

Leeds City Council has decided to partner with ANS to take on a cloud/on-premise hybrid platform, which is designed to meet specific requirements for the council and NHS organisations. ANS will provide the foundations of a shared server and storage infrastructures, providing scope for third sector organisations to take advantage of the platform capabilities.

Leeds City Council ramps up digital efforts in new Cloud platform

NHS organisations will be able to provide better services with the platform.

With the new partnership, Leeds City Council aims to create a shared infrastructure that is built on common components and standards needed by organisations across the city. The platform will replace the existing infrastructure that is in place, which is approaching the end of its lifetime.

According to UK Authority, Dylan Roberts Chief Digital & Information Office said: “The move reflects the position of Leeds City Council and the local NHS as leaders in promoting the joint working of different parts of the public sector. There has been a strong focus on the integration of health and social care, with the creation of the Leeds Care Record in 2018 and the Person Held Record for self-support last year.”

The platform will include hardware, software and associated business services, which all relevant organisations can access. Leeds City Council will take full control of managing the shared infrastructure for all organisations.

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Worth £141,900, organisations are expected to begin using the platform in late Spring, when it goes live. Other organisations will join the platform once existing contracts expire.

ANS has already worked on transforming many public sector organisations, including Staffordshire University and various NHS Trusts across the country.