Cheshire councils choose Agilisys as transformation partner

Agilys cheshire

Cheshire West and Chester Council and Cheshire East Council have selected Agilisys as their implementation and delivery partner for the Best for Business Programme over the next seven years.

Agilisys offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation services for the public sector.

To ensure that resources are well managed and reflect the priorities of residents in the councils, the Best for Business Programme has been initiated as a key enabler for both councils.

The programme’s vision is based around four key principles that include simple, standard, shared, and self-service.

Cheshire West Council Corporate Services Director and the Programme Executive Sponsor Mark Wynn said: “The Best for Business Programme is a once in a decade investment and the upgrade to our enterprise and resource planning systems will help fulfil our aims to undertake our public duty in a joined-up and efficient manner with other public bodies and service providers.

“The platform will help us simplify processes and procedures, speed up work flows and allow us to work with our local partners to deliver joint and shared services. All this will ensure that we make best use of our budget to deliver common outcomes for our residents.”

The appointment of Agilisys as their partner is to show that the councils aspire to collaborate more closely to drive better value for residents of both areas.

Under the contract, Agilisys will be responsible for the rollout, delivery and support of the UNIT4 Business World On! Platform.

It is a web-based cloud platform that will provide a consolidated ERP solution across finance, procurement, debtors, HR & payroll.

The company will also consolidate a multitude of legacy budgeting and financial systems, which are currently used across the two councils.

Through its own newly launched, cloud-based public sector integration service, Agilisys will also be responsible for the management of the integration services for the councils.