NHS speeds up Wi-Fi roll out at more hospitals

NHS speeds up Wi-Fi roll out at more hospitals

Free Wi-Fi service is now expected at more hospitals in the UK, as NHS England has pushed for implementation of the service at the second group of trusts.

The NHS has launched a project, which includes 33 healthcare trusts in its ‘fast followers’ list. By the end of March, NHS expects the public Wi-Fi service to be introduced by all the selected trusts.

According to NHS, the NHS WiFi will deliver a secure, stable, and reliable wireless capability that will be consistent across all settings of the organisation. By using the NHS WiFi, patients and the public can browse the internet to get health and care information and also download health apps.

In a blog post, the director of the programme David Corbett, said: “It’s been a busy time for all involved. The NHS Wi-Fi team has been supporting all CCGs and priority adopter trusts to procure and deliver an NHS Wi-Fi compliant system to patients. I’ve been really impressed by the hard work, commitment and pace of local NHS teams and their industry partners to deliver NHS Wi-Fi services – an important piece of the digital jigsaw.”

The NHS programme will also enable patients to understand more about their conditions and help them in managing their own health. NHS claims that more than 3000 GP practices are currently offering free NHS Wi-Fi to more than 25 million patients in just 12 months of time.

Further, it said that a majority of its 16 ‘high priority’ trusts, which had received funding in August, have introduced Wi-Fi across their estates. The remaining trusts are expected to launch the service by the end of this month.

GDS expands the wireless project across the UK

Corbett revealed that the NHS will be helping out the last few Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) areas and ‘fast follower’ trusts to wrap up with their implementations of NHS WiFi in the coming few weeks.

By the end of December 2018, NHS is targeting to enable the rest of the secondary care estates to provide free NHS Wi-Fi to patients in acute, community and mental health hospitals.