NHS Digital takes first steps towards Security Operations Centre

NHS Digital takes first steps towards Security Operations Centre

NHS Digital is searching for a strategic partner, to support the delivery of a Security Operations Centre.

The organisation aims to improve health and care by providing national information, data and IT services for patients and employees.

The plans for the new security centre were published earlier in the month, hoping to create its own IT capabilities. The centre works to make sure patient data and information is used securely and quickly through NHS services, guidance and support and delivers improved security capability and services across the NHS.

NHS Digital takes first steps towards Security Operations Centre

NHS Digital opens Information Requests from businesses

In order for the organisation to achieve these goals, NHS Digital has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to the market. The RFI allows suppliers the chance to provide information and feedback to make sure the centre is successful and ready to target patients.

The request opens a tender for businesses to apply their submissions to be reviewed by NHS Digital by Monday 7 August.

Through the request, the organisation aims to test its assumptions and current method within the centre, across areas including: people, process & technology to support the large amount of current and upcoming services. NHS Digital hopes the outcome will validate it’s delivery of the centre approach.

NHS Digital has created the information document to provide useful information to businesses and consumers. The organisation plans to follow up submissions for the information request at a later date at an Industry Event.

The capability review outlines it has a Cyber Security Programme incorporated which has investment backing valued at more than £40million, working closely with the National Cyber Security. The programme aims to further develop its capabilities within the healthcare sector, and then transfer the knowledge to care organisations.

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The request comes after the NHS were the hardest hit of a ‘ransomware’ attack earlier this year, along with 16 health service organisations across the country.

The attack using malware software ‘WannaCry’ hacked into the NHS system, asking for at least $300 for computers. Hackers gained access of computers, phones and MRI scanners.

Systems and software used by NHS were criticised as the reason why the organisation was so easily hacked, because of the lack of security around important data files.