NHS Digital, Microsoft sign cyber security deal

NHS Digital, Microsoft sign cyber security deal

A deal has been struck between NHS Digital and Microsoft to deploy a cyber security service across the country, to better protect healthcare organisations from cyber threats.

The service is to be rolled out across the UK following a successful pilot run with NHS Digital and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust last year.

NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre will provide targeted alerts to those organisations that enable it, with the use of Microsoft’s Enterprise Threat Detection Service. Microsoft’s combined cyber security expertise is used to provide the alerts and give organisations information regarding detection of issues and individual computer and device information.

NHS Digital, Microsoft sign cyber security deal

Alerts will be sent to organisations who enable the joint service.

The alerts provide a full description of the problem to the organisation, through Microsoft’s combined cyber security expertise. Examples include alerting organisations with detection of issues, right down to individual computers and devices. The service will then provide expert remediation advice of the service.

Dan Taylor, Director of Security at NHS Digital, said: “This deal will further bolster protection against cyber security issues in the NHS.

“It is our role to alert organisations to known cyber security threats and advise them on appropriate steps to minimise risks. This marks a step change in our capability to provide high quality, targeted alerts to allow organisations to counter these threats and ensure patients’ needs continue to be met.”

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The service has the ability to cover all devices with healthcare settings, such as hospital trusts and GP surgeries. Additionally, the service has already been distributed to over 30,000 machines across the UK already, according to NHS Digital. Within the coming months and years, the service will cover up to 1.5million devices across the sector.

Microsoft and NHS Digital’s partnership deal was first announced in August last year and today’s announcement follows the organisation’s pledge to Trusts and patients that security is not a concern to be had over cloud computing in the NHS. Additionally, a range of cyber security services are provided for healthcare systems across the UK thanks to NHS Digital, including services to share threat intelligence advice and data security assessments.