Innovate UK pushes for development of commercial digital health solutions

Innovate UK pushes for development of commercial digital health solutions

Innovate UK has announced a multi-million pound investment into research and development projects as part of the Digital health technology catalyst round two.

The organisation will invest up to £8m towards the research and development and Innovate UK has invited applications from interested UK-based SMEs to take part in the DHTC round 2 funding competition to accelerate development of commercial digital health solutions.

According to Innovate UK, the projects that will be selected for its funding should develop new commercial digital technology solutions that can address major healthcare challenges. Furthermore, they should be led by SMEs in partnership with at least one other grant-claiming partner. The new solutions can also be developed for clinical or non-clinical settings.

In other selection conditions, Innovate UK said that the total costs of a project have to be between £300,000 and £1m. NHS England will contribute an investment of £1.5m, particularly on projects that apply digital technologies to support type 2 diabetes patients.

Innovate UK plans to provide funding to a portfolio of projects that will show significant innovation. The agency said that the proposals must improve business growth, boost productivity or open up opportunities for at least one UK SME taking part in the project.

In another boost to bringing in digital health technologies in the public health sector, Innovate UK has recently announced another investment of up to £4.5m in projects that integrate digital and service innovations for better healthcare. The investment from the agency will be on behalf of the Office for Life Sciences.

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Innovate UK said: “Projects must be innovative, collaborative and clearly demonstrate how they will address the needs of the health and care system. We recommend collaboration with healthcare providers if beneficial to the project.”

Innovate UK has The last date for submitting applications is 18 April 2018 and the projects should be started by August 2018 and finished within 30 months.