Finance and staff shortages named biggest NHS challenges

Finance and staff shortages named biggest NHS challenges

UK healthcare professionals revealed the biggest challenges the NHS faces are finance and staff shortages.

According to GovNet, out of almost 600 respondents surveyed head of this year’s UK Health Show, 81% of those believed a main challenge for the NHS is finances/need for efficiency savings and the second largest response was staff shortages which 72% of respondents revealed was a challenge.

In addition to finance and staff shortages other areas of concern across the NHS included patient and public expectations and demand and the integration of health and social care services, with both being rated as a challenge by just over half of respondents.

Although each of these challenges NHS bodies are facing are of high concern, the introduction of technology across the NHS is a factor creating many more opportunities within the sector to tackle the challenges and also help other areas that aren’t of as much concern.

According to 94% of respondents, digital transformation is an important element of the NHS systems to make the sector more efficient and 87% believe the NHS will use more digital technology to benefit the NHS in the future.

Alexander Rushton, UK Health Show Event Director said: “There is almost universal belief in the importance and potential of the role digital technology in improving the NHS, yet our own research reveals only a quarter of those working in and for the NHS believes the NHS currently makes effective use of this technology.”

Made up of healthcare managers and professionals 84% of those surveyed rated the performance of the NHS as good, but 55% expect it to deteriorate over the next couple of years. Although 84% rate it as good, only a small 2% would describe the performance as excellent.

These results bring growing concern to the NHS after an already concerning summer after struggling with cyber-attacks and staff shortages. The UK health show aims to bring together professionals from the sector to establish the common concerns across the NHS and figure ways to overcome the challenges to build an efficient NHS for the public.

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Alexander Rushton concluded and said: “The UK Health Show has more than 140 speakers and special content sessions, and over 150 suppliers, specifically designed to support NHS organisations to reach their digital potential”.

Almost 600 healthcare managers and professionals registered for this year’s UK Health Show. The UK Health Show will take place on 27th September at Olympia London.