Rural England residents frustrated with slow broadband speeds, says County Broadband survey

broadband speedsImage: County Broadband survey finds rural households in the UK are not happy with their broadband speeds. Photo: courtesy of County Broadband Ltd.

A new survey commissioned by County Broadband found that most rural households in the UK are often left frustrated with slow broadband speeds and uncertain over the type of service they subscribed to.

More than 2,000 residents in rural England, including East Anglia, were surveyed by 4media on behalf of the Essex-based specialist broadband provider.

The survey focused on evaluating the challenges faced by local communities with their digital connectivity. The findings from the survey come after the broadband provider’s announcement of plans to launch a new ultrafast full-fibre network in rural villages in the East Anglia region which have a history of poor connectivity.

County Broadband said that 57% of the surveyed residents were frustrated with their internet, be it poor performance or unreliable speeds, with 16% having issues everyday with their connection.

Almost one in four, at 22% of the residents did not exactly know the broadband speeds they were contracted to get from their provider.

The survey found that confusion was widespread among the residents regarding the types of broadband being offered by providers with 43% of them not knowing the difference between superfast and ultrafast broadband.

An additional 17% were of the misconception that superfast is faster than ultrafast although the latter provides broadband speeds up to 1,000mbps, which is more than 10 times faster than the former.

County Broadband chief executive Lloyd Felton said: “Our survey reveals there is a lot of confusion with many homes and businesses signing up for ‘fibre’ thinking they are getting the fastest speeds when in fact their superfast connection relies on existing copper which significantly reduces speed and reliability.

“Our new ultrafast network, which uses full fibre directly into people’s home, will provide a real boost for residents, businesses and whole communities and put them in the top 6% in the UK for digital connectivity. We have already started construction and we will be rolling out across Essex over the coming months.”

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