Oracle, Accenture bring successful cloud migration to UK police force

Oracle, Accenture bring successful cloud migration to UK police force

West Midlands Police force has completed the migration process of moving its back-office processes to a set of software-as-a-service applications, in partnership with Oracle and Accenture.

The force has carried out the migration process as part of its West Midlands Police 2020 transformation programme. By moving back offices to the cloud it aims to give the public better access to police services, for example providing real-time information whilst they are on the beat. Additionally, the move aims to increase efficiency and processes across the police force.

Additionally, the move includes the use of more smartphones and body worn video to record and reports any incidents happening in the area. Incorporating more technology aims to bring a safer community for residents by being able to report incidents much more quickly and efficiently than before.

part of the WMP transformation programme

Body worn cameras and smartphones are also part of the WMP transformation programme

Debbie Green, Senior Sales Director for the Public Sector at Oracle UK said, “The public sector is innovating at a rapid rate to transform its organizations and deliver better services to the taxpayer. West Midlands Police is a leading example of how organizations are looking to make use of cloud technologies to change their operations and deliver the next generation of public services.”

West Midlands Police’s migration to the cloud also allows for the introduction of data analytics and software to predict demand and analyse trends in local areas. By doing this it will enable the force to alert teams much quicker to what is happening and look at emerging trends to better tackle crime.

The applications that the force has deployed are running on Accenture’s Cloud Suite for Oracle and the Police force hope it will bring new and efficient ways to manage applications.

Neil Chamberlain, director of commercial services at West Midlands Police, said: “The deployment of this cloud technology is the latest step in our technology transformation programme as envisaged under our WMP 2020 change programme.

“This project represents a significant investment by the force as part of our transformation programme, and demonstrates our commitment to investing in digital technologies to enable new and more efficient ways to manage operations, share information and deliver police services to the public.”

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According to Accenture, the process has helped the Police force modernise its processes across many departments such as HR, finance, procurement and shared services as well. Additionally, it has created an internal self-service portal and supplier portal, which brings better communication within the department. Using a cloud-supported portal has also enhanced the interaction between the force and its suppliers.

The partnership between Accenture, Oracle and the force is not the first of its kind. The force recently completed a two-year process working with its transformation partners to deploy applications across areas such as enterprise resource planning, human capital manage and customer experience.