Dstl develops HASP modelling software for CBRN incidents

Image: Dstl and Ploughshare Innovations have licensed the HASP software to understand chemical and biological threats. Photo: courtesy of Crown copyright.

The UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) said that it has developed a new software called Hazard Assessment Simulation and Prediction (HASP) Suite to help in effective response to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

The HASP software has been licensed to Riskaware by Ploughshare Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dstl. The software will help emergency responders and military commanders in reducing the risk to the public from CBRN events, thereby saving lives.

According to Dstl, the new software accurately models how hazardous materials released in cities, towns, and open areas are spread. Emergency responders will be helped by the models in predicting how any CBRN threat will disperse and enable them to manage a response in order to curb it and protect the people.

Ploughshare CEO James Kirby said: “We are pleased another Dstl innovation will be made available to industry and one which will improve the operational effectiveness of teams facing CBRN threats. This deal further demonstrates how Ploughshare maximises the MOD’s investment in Science & Technology by delivering capability to front-line services.”

The HASP software, which has been in development for more than 20 years, offers hazard predictions in urban environments within minutes, which is a great improvement compared to previous models, said Dstl.

The new modelling software also takes into account the interactions between indoor and outdoor dispersion and also estimates the parameters of the source that include location, discharge time, and the quantity of substance released.

It will be available as an independent product from Riskaware starting from this month and will also be available in EuroSIM CBRN, a next generation CBRN information management system.

Riskaware managing director John Bishop said: “The HASP Suite is an excellent capability and we are both proud and excited to be taking it to market. It will also support our goal to transform Riskware’s business from being a CBRN prediction software developer into a truly global company in CBRN information management.”