Bolton Mountain Rescue hikes into the cloud with Navisite

Bolton Mountain Rescue hikes into the cloud with Navisite

Bolton Mountain Rescue heads on an adventure to the clouds with Navisite as it transforms its IT infrastructure.

Bolton MRT has chosen Navisite and SRD Technology UK to manage, migrate and transform its IT infrastructure to the cloud to deliver improved services to the public and save lives.

Using the technology, Bolton MRT hopes to improve communication between itself and emergency services even from the remotest of locations. Furthermore, by being able to provide more detailed and accurate data the technology will help to improve the management and response time for rescue ream operations.

The system works by using the cloud based system to enable multiple emergency service agencies to work together on a shared services platform, and share real-time information across on system.

Bolton Mountain Rescue hikes into the cloud with Navisite

The service offers more accurate location than any other software.

By doing so, it will allow Bolton MRT to instantly share their location information with all emergency services so they can respond with the closest team, the most appropriate resources and ultimately lead to reducing the rescue response time and potentially save lives.

Bolton MRT believes the connected cloud solution will help locate missing people and casualties. Martin Banks, Operational Member and Treasurer at Bolton Mountain Rescue, said: “Often in rescues, the biggest challenge is precisely location the lost or injured person.

“We’re now able to start the process of identifying the person’s location using an application, which can be run on our system from any location.”

Bolton MRT will use Navisite’s cloud system to access SARLOC data from any location, the location positioning service SARLOC has been developed specifically for mountain rescue teams with a much more accurate location than could be given from a mobile phone locator.

Sumeet Sabharwal, General Manager, Navisite said: “We’re proud to be collaborating with SD Technology UK to support such an important, life-saving organisation like Bolton MRT and to be a part of its cloud transformation.

“When a cloud service like Navisite’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is being used in such a critical and time sensitive context, it’s vital that the service has a reliable and robust infrastructure with availability from any location. We’re pleased to have our technology and managed services used in such a beneficial manner.”

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The software works by sending a text message with a link to the mobile phone of the missing person. Once they have clicked the link any person in difficulty will be able to open a site that calculates their location and notify Bolton MRT wherever they are through the mapping application operated on Navisite’s DaaS.

Using the software results in being able to find lost or injured people no matter where the rescue team is located, much quicker and with better accuracy than ever before. The potential of the software is that it could be the difference between saving a person’s life, and not.