UKCloud, Moogsoft to enable public sector to harness AI for IT operations

UKCloudImage: UKCloud, Moogsoft to enable public sector to harness AI for IT operations. Photo: Courtesy of Wynn Pointaux from Pixabay.

British public cloud company UKCloud has extended its partnership with Moogsoft to enable UK public sector organisations to harness artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations across public cloud, private cloud and non-cloud environments.

The company said that it will make the Moogsoft AIOps platform available to all UK public sector organisations to drive intelligent operations in a multi-cloud environment.

UKCloud said that it has already benefited from the implementation of Moogsoft’s AIOps solutions, which enabled the company’s engineers to work faster and smarter.

UKCloud said that Moogsoft AIOps gives context and correlates alerts from disparate monitoring systems, providing a much quicker time to resolution by exposing the root cause of an issue.

UKCloud chief operating officer Karsten Smet said: “Moogsoft has transformed two key areas for us as a business. Firstly, we are able to proactively understand alerts which may have a future impact on our infrastructure as Moogsoft intelligently correlates data from the various monitoring systems we implement across our stack. We can quickly understand when a situation is changing or may cause service impact moving forward.

“Secondly, we’ve been able to consolidate from multiple monitoring screens down to a single pane of glass. As a result, our NOC engineers no longer have to manually correlate between disparate alerts on different systems.”

Due to the benefits realised internally, UKCloud has extended its partnership with Moogsoft to make AIOps available across the UK public sector.

Moogsoft AIOps from UKCloud can help public sector organisations avoid IT outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

UKCloud customers will be able to derive the operational benefits of bringing all monitoring feeds into a single tool, irrespective of workloads and network.

Moogsoft with UKCloud allows customers to monitor and manage workloads that are available on the internet in addition to systems hosted in community network connected data centres.

Moogsoft also offers tools such as auto-ticketing, a contextual knowledge base and ‘ChatOps’ functionality to automate scripts and tasks in the context of the team discussion.

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