UKCloud adds XQ Cyber’s CyberScore security testing and rating tool

CyberScoreImage: UKCloud adds XQ Cyber’s CyberScore cyber security testing and rating tool. Photo: Courtesy of Wynn Pointaux from Pixabay.

UKCloud, apublic multi-cloud company, has announced the addition of CyberScore capability to its portfolio to help organisations improve their cyber security healthand meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus.

According to UKCloud, common tooling for operations, monitoring and cyber capabilities has become essential for organisations that are adopting various cloud platforms and software services, in addition to managing their existing IT infrastructure.

UKCloud said that its platformsare natively connected to core government networks in addition to the internet, and allow customers to build capabilities that can manage and monitor their IT estate.

CyberScore, avulnerability scanning and reporting tool from XQ Cyber,gathersand interprets data about an organisation to present a view of a security posture and provides feedback on the cyber resilience of IT systems.

The automated, rapid and scalable cyber security testing and rating service provides a score based on the state of the vulnerabilities within a network. It identifies key remediations and rates vulnerabilities so that an organisation can decide on an acceptable level of cyber risk.

The tool provides easy to understand remediation guides for local IT teams to execute.

UKCloud CTO Leighton Jamessaid: “Here at UKCloud, we use CyberScore internally to ensure that we are continually aware of our cyber posture and stay on top of risks.

“We identified that many of our customers face similar challenges and wanted to make this easy to use tool available to deploy across our multi-cloud platform.

“It marks the start of exciting new capabilities being made available to our customers to help meet the new challenge facing operations teams in the cyber and operations space.”

Furthermore, CyberScore prepares businesses to meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus by automating most of the assessment and certification process.

It provides an easy reporting process, so that even the CEO can quickly understand the cyber health of the organisation.

XQ Cyber CEO David Carrollsaid:“If you or your partners are running obsolete software – CyberScore will let you know. If you’re running supported software that is missing lots of security fixes, CyberScore will flag it and include it in your Get-Well Plan.

“It will tell you where all your vulnerabilities are, which ones are the most important, either because of their nature or their prevalence, and it will tell you what to do about them.”

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