UK, South Korea launch £2.4m challenge to test 5G technology

5G technologyImage: UK, South Korean businesses to pilot 5G technology on Seoul subways. Photo: courtesy of Saveliy Morozov/Pixabay.

UK Digital Minister Margot James has launched the £2.4m UK / South Korean 5G challenge to help the UK prepare for a rollout of 5G technology in the future.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is seeking applications from businesses that are interested in trialling new content and services on the transport networks in South Korea.

The competition is being handled by UK5G on behalf of DCMS. The department has set the last date for submitting applications as 1 June 2019.

The trials under the programme will allow businesses and researchers to study and address various user and technical challenges that are key to the future launch of 5G technology.

As part of the partnership, UK and South Korean businesses will pilot 5G technology on the metropolitan subway system in Seoul. The UK and South Korean governments are funding the project to support businesses in the two countries to develop 5G technology.

The competition is expected to help bring in South Korean investment in the UK and generate new opportunities for UK businesses in the Asian country, said DCMS.

The trials under the UK / South Korea 5G competition could include augmented reality (AR) experiences in busy public areas to give tourists and commuters a dramatic new insight to the city.

Another possible trial could be optimisation of traffic management systems for improved management of commuter flows, reduction of overcrowding, enhancing safety and measures for protecting the environment.

The competition could also see a trial on uninterrupted infotainment services for commuters in the form of interactive content, video streaming and gaming, with more reliable and faster services in the subway network.

The UK / South Korea 5G competition is part of the 5G Testbed & Trials (5GTT) Programme undertaken by the UK whose objective is to maximise the opportunities for UK businesses, particularly SMEs, to develop new 5G applications and services for domestic as well as global markets.

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