Northern Ireland Police award £11m control and command system contract

Northern Ireland Police award £11m control and command system contract

A new command and control system contract has been awarded by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, boosting the service

Northern Ireland Police award £11m control and command system contract

The contract is worth over £11m

the force currently offers.

The contract and agreement has been confirmed but the Police Service has said on the procurement notice it will keep the suppliers’ identity secret for now until further arrangements have been confirmed.

Northern Ireland’s Police Services new contract awarded to the undisclosed company totals at a final figure of £11.1m and is expected to run for an initial seven years, with three expansion periods possible over that time.

The aim of bringing in a new command and control system is to ensure that Northern Ireland’s Police Service is accurate and efficient to everything that is happening across all areas of Northern Ireland, and better the service that residents will get.

Three management centres are expected to use the new control system, across Belfast and the North and South of Northern Ireland. Additionally, the procurement document points out that the service will continue its close links with other UK Police forces and An Garda Siochana in the Republic of Ireland.

In the past technology provider Capita has been the chosen company supporting Northern Ireland’s Atlas command and control system to the police service since 1995, but there have been no hints that the company could be the provider this time around.

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However, Capita has invested £60m into ICT contract services to cover over one thousand schools across Northern Ireland that are expected to run until 2019 for more than 350,000 users.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is not the only force investing in new services and technology, with the UK’s Police force doing so as well. Recently the UK’s police force has announced introducing the use of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to local residents in order to help make them aware of incidents in their area and let them report crime too through their Echo device.