NHS Digital signs pact to help NHS trusts use VMware Cloud on AWS

Headquarters of NHS Digital in LeedsImage: Headquarters of NHS Digital in Leeds. Photo: courtesy of Kaihsu Tai/Wikipedia.org.

NHS Digital has struck an agreement with VMware to enable NHS organisations discounted access to the latter’s cloud services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

The agency said that through the new model, trusts, CCGs and other bodies will be able to migrate their IT services towards cloud-first data centres, thereby saving them money on traditional network storage.

The migration of the NHS IT services to VMware Cloud is expected to help accelerate digitally-enabled care and also improve operational efficiencies.

NHS Digital has already started moving data across to the cloud and will continue to migrate more cloud services under a cloud-first initiative.

The agency has taken a cloud-first approach to support the large-scale digital transformation of NHS. In this regard, it will make use of multiple clouds as the best and quickest way to support the transformation in service delivery.

NHS Digital platforms and infrastructure associate director Mike Flintoft said: “We choose the right cloud for each workload, and VMware Cloud on AWS is the absolute best option for running our vSphere-based environments in the cloud.

“It’s easy to move solutions across the different environments and it’s easy to run and manage.

“We built a virtual data centre in the AWS cloud in less than three hours.”

VMware Cloud on AWS is said to combine the best of the AWS and VMware environments to the NHS. Eventually, NHS Digital is expected to move most of its services from its on-premises environment leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure and AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS is claimed to have helped the agency to develop a new commercial model to act as a lone cloud service broker to organisations across NHS and also in the UK public sector. The model is said to deliver better economies of scale and help enable migration to cloud across the NHS.

NHS Digital deputy chief executive Rob Shaw said: “With VMware Cloud on AWS, we’re providing a resilient platform to support digitally-enabled care today and in the future. We now have a commercial framework in place to enable NHS and public-sector organizations to confidently use the cloud.”

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