NHS Digital deal to help NHS organisations make better use of data

NHS DigitalImage: NHS Digital deal to help NHS organisations make better use of data. Photo: Courtesy of Lukas Blazek on Unsplash.

NHS Digital has agreed to a deal that will allow NHS organisations to make better use of machine-generated information through a data monitoring and analytics platform.

According to NHS Digital, the framework will provide local NHS organisations a more cost-effective approach to utilising data analytics and processing software Splunk Enterprise in driving operational insight from machine data.

The dealis based on the commercial partnership between Splunk and NHS Digital and will allow local organisations to access real-time data across services that will help to protect against service issues.

It said that the analytics software will help trusts to cut down service outages, and help to protect from potential cyber threats.

The platform can also be used to reduce system incidents by 15-45%, as well as improve detection and investigation of security threats by 70-90%, as NHS Digital has found over several internal programmes.

NHS Digital has already used Splunk Enterprise across national services and programmes, including the NHS Spine, e-Referral Service, Secondary Uses Service (SUS+), NHS 111 and the Care Identity System.

The Care Identity System gives clinical staff access to patient records through their NHS Smartcards. The system has already benefited from using Splunk, as the analytics provided by the platform improves system reliability and performance and helps to keep it running at full capacity.

NHS Digital said that as a result, system operatives can pick up on faults and investigate them before they become a major problem for frontline staff.

NHS Digital associate director for platforms and infrastructure Mike Flintoft said: “Splunk Enterprise has been a key strategic product for NHS Digital for several years and has had a real benefit to ensuring the systems and platforms that the NHS rely on are monitored and available to support patient care.”

IT and technical staff with nhs.net email addresses will have access to Splunk Fundamentals 1 and Fundamentals 2 training sessions to learn the basics of Splunk Enterprise through scenario-based learning.

Furthermore, staff will be given access to other Splunk educational sessions and events.

Splunk vice-president of EMEA Richard Timperlake said: “Our priority is always ensuring customer success and with this new framework in place to purchase Splunk Enterprise and become trained to use it, we look forward to working with more NHS Trusts on their digital transformations.

“We look forward to helping NHS organisations embrace a data driven transformation of how technology delivers better healthcare.”

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