Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose to help in govt study of UK tech sector

Microsoft UK CEO Cindy RoseImage: Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose. Photo: courtesy of Microsoft.

The UK government is set to use the services of Microsoft UK CEO Cindy Rose to lead a study into the competitiveness of the country’s technology sector.

The objective of the study is to ensure that the UK continues to be among the best destinations in the world for launching and developing a digital business.

Cindy Rose revealed that the study will also be led by LocalGlobe’s Suzanne Ashman, CodeBase’s Stephen Coleman and Kobalt’s Avid Larizadeh Duggan.

The study, which is expected to be crucial for the future growth of the country, will look into tech competitiveness to identify opportunities and support for digital businesses.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May hosted a roundtable at the London Tech Week for major tech companies, such as Microsoft UK, Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Monzo, and others to discuss opportunities to fully utilise the power of technology to improve competitiveness, boost the economy and address societal challenges.

Cindy Rose said: “The UK has a long and successful history of creating and embracing new technology and is ideally placed to capitalise on the AI opportunity for economic growth and societal impact.

“We have many of the elements we need to succeed: a thriving start-up scene, a vibrant investment community, cloud-first government policy, a great pool of UK and global talent and an enduring spirit of innovation.

“But for the UK to be a world leader in the 4th industrial revolution, we will need to recognise and address a number of significant domestic and global challenges and lay the foundations for continued technology innovation in decades to come. That’s why this Review of UK Digital Competitiveness is so timely and critical to our future prosperity.”

During her speech at the London Tech Week, Theresa May announced an investment of £1.2bn in the UK tech sector, which includes £153m from the government and £205m from industry to exploit the potential of quantum technologies, including its role in accelerating development of drugs.

The Prime Minister also said that 2,500 places will provide AI and data conversion courses, to power technology-driven businesses and people across the UK with the skills they require.

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