Microsoft Azure stack opened to public sector organisations with UKCloud

Microsoft Azure stack opened to public sector organisations with UKCloud

UKCloud has announced a new partnership with Microsoft Azure to extend its multi-cloud strategy within the public sector.

The partnership also includes Cisco and aims to increase the adoption of cloud services across the public sector, by giving organisations multi-cloud options. Offering more aims to help organisations increase the scalability and flexibility organisations have with cloud services.

The Azure stack hybrid platform will be combined with UKCloud’s government platform, which will be driven by Cisco’s infrastructure.

Adopting the Azure stack will also ensure workloads benefit from enhanced security provided by UKCloud. This means that public sector workloads will be able to innovate much more easily, especially those with specific data privacy needs.

Increasing the cloud offerings for public sector organisations to choose from will enable them to specifically cater for individual needs and demand for the cloud environment. Therefore, providing them with the best and easiest solution fit to them.

Microsoft Azure stack opened to public sector organisations with UKCloud

The new partnership will give public sector organisations more options to choose from.

Paul Garvey, Head of Government & National Security for Cisco, said: “This collaboration between Cisco, Microsoft and UKCloud, provides our customers with a solution which addresses their needs across a wide set of public sector use cases, bringing the best of all three together to further bolster the value that customers already see in UKCloud’s platforms”.

The platform partnership will also enable more organisations to move to the cloud effectively and achieve the government’s aim to become a ‘world leader’ in the current digital environment.

“The UK Government is a digital leader, particularly with its original ‘cloud first’ and now ‘cloud native;’ policies. As one of the country’s leading technology providers, we see it as our responsibility to help meet and encourage these new initiatives and have invested locally to ensure we are up to the task,” said Michael Wignall, National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK.

“We have worked side-by-side with the UK public sector for many years to ensure that OFFICIAL workloads can run in our cloud and this new partnership with UKCloud and Cisco will enable us all to best serve those with more complex and evolving requirements by providing the best of Azure’s hybrid offering.”

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UKCloud already supports 220 public sector projects and has helped local and central government departments, including police forces and NHS Trusts. The platform has allowed organisations to move workloads to the cloud and enhance better digital transformation.