John Manzoni says GDS is transforming government as it goes

John Manzoni says GDS is transforming government as it goes

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is transforming the government as it goes, as well as building shared platforms for digital services according to John Manzoni.

Manzoni, CEO of the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office, said the platforms will help in making processes like online notifications and payments easier and quicker.

In a blog post about GDS’ role in the Transformation Strategy, Manzoni suggested that the vision for transforming the relationship between citizens and the state, “from the smallest transaction right up to major reform”, is even more important given the EU Exit implementation challenges that the government presently faces. He said: “To do this well, we will need to adapt how we operate, right across the government.”

Manzoni also noted that with majority of the 150 priority EU Exit projects that need technical expertise or tools, GDS is at the very heart of efforts across government to accelerate and assure this delivery.

Additionally, he revealed that GDS is building skills, with more than 7,500 civil servants having gone through the GDS Academy till now, and the career framework for digital, data and technology specialists across government. It will help in recruiting and retaining the best people, and give them interesting and stretching careers.

Manzoni said GDS is equipping people with the right tools for delivery, including supporting collaborative and productive working by providing wifi in new hubs in several major cities throughout the UK.

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Manzoni said: “As always, there is more to do – and I know the teams are also working hard to get nearly 100 services online by 2020 and to launch a new and exciting set of programmes and activities for the GovTech fund. And much, much more!”

He suggested that GDS has taken forward legislation to help make it easier to share data sets within government, as well as driving a series of pilot data analytics projects with departments to prove what is possible.