Gov’t launches cyber security investment fund

Gov’t launches cyber security investment fund

The government has launched a Cyber Security Skills Immediate Impact Fund to help address the skills shortage across the UK.

By introducing the fund, the Government wants to ensure that all workers have the relevant cyber security skills to both protect their business and carry out jobs correctly. Therefore, the fund gives them the opportunity to apply for funding and resources they may not normally have access to.

There has been a growing shortage of skills within the sector, as fewer people choose to take a career in the sector. Therefore, the fund also hopes to encourage more people in particular women to enter the industry.

“It may seem like a drop in the ocean but any initiative that looks to address the cyber security skills gap is a welcome one. The skills shortage and lack of young people and women pursuing a career in cyber security is a global problem that is expected to get worse before it gets better,” said Andy Kays, CTO at RedScan.

Gov’t launches cyber security investment fund

The investment fund will help solve the STEM skills shortage.

“To defend against the next generation of cybercriminals, we need a larger, more diverse and better trained pool of cyber security talent as a top priority. The evolving threat landscape means that detecting and responding to threats has now become full-time job requiring dedicated experts that have an understanding of how attackers operate.”

The funding will go towards cyber security development, scaling up businesses and refocus training within the cyber security sector. Additionally, the fund will help redirect organisations on the right path as some have fallen short of carrying out the process due to lack of funds or resources.

Organisations such as training providers and charities are open to apply for the fund, as long as each business can demonstrate how their initiatives will benefit a range of employers.

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Kays said: “If successful, this initiative should help ease one of the most pressing challenges facing UK businesses. Too many organisations seem to think that their cyber security problems can be solved with technology, and while utilising the latest tools is important, there is no replacement for well-trained staff and the expertise of experienced cyber security professionals.”

The investment fund is only a pilot of the project, with a view to expand on it if it is successful. Applications will be open from 19th February, closing on 2nd March 2018.