Government digital services prove a hit with public

Government digital services prove a hit with public

UK citizens are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the government’s digital services, as over three quarters notice more services and find them easier to use.

Sopra Steria’s latest study aimed to find out the impact digital government had on citizens across the UK, revealing that a total of 66% UK citizens believe digital tools and services are becoming increasingly easy to use.

The government has shown some positive signs in its digital services as 83% of respondents noticed that there are more public sector public services available across the digital platform, as well as the amount of people accessing the services in general to be increasing.

Across all areas respondents admitted they considered taxation to be the most advanced online service, with just over half (54%) of respondents believe health services require the most improvement up 5% from 2016.

Adrian Fieldhouse, Managing Director, Government Sector at Sopra Steria, added: “These findings reflect much of what we are hearing and seeing in the marketplace; citizens and civil servants alike want the digital agenda to enable a more integrated experience, with data sharing and interaction handling across organisational boundaries.

“In order to realise the future all parties are so keen to see, the UK Public Sector must use data as much more effectively, identifying it an asset where it currently sits, understanding how to extract it and, most crucially, figuring out how to refine it to drive cross-agency change.”

Government digital services prove a hit with public

Tax services were the most popular used by citizens

The research revealed further areas of improvements for digital services included creating a more integrated service than what is currently available. In total 87% of respondents want to see a one-stop digital portal be created in the future, after the biggest frustration was found to be re-typing data in one service to another. Additionally, 85% respondents thought another solution would be an online citizen account, which will improve access and experience using the services.

A large proportion of respondents were still concerned about the safety and security of the governments digital services, with almost half (48%) worried about someone accessing the data that they put online within the services and 39% worried about putting information online all together.

With such large concerns over the safety of citizens’ data, it questions the governments need to increase the safeguards that are used online especially across third party environments.

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Despite the concerns, two-thirds of UK citizens believe the current state of the governments’ digital public services is advanced with 17% accessing the services at least once a month, with 66% finding it easier to access than ever before.

“Our survey reveals how efforts to provide a better digital service to citizens are having a real impact in the UK and across Europe. However, these results are no reason for complacency. Creating an intuitive access point or digital ‘storefront’ is only the first step in achieving true digital transformation,” said Philip Craig, Strategic Director, Government Sector at Sopra Steria.

“Work remains to reimagine the infrastructure, governance and even culture that underpins these services. By committing to that process, governments will have the best chance of providing services that citizens trust, and allow us all to benefit from the substantial economic and social benefits that integrated access brings.”