GDS to announce new GaaP services ahead of anniversary

GDS to announce new GaaP services ahead of anniversary

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has announced it will be carrying out a series of updates for the Government as a Platform (GaaP) service this week. 

In a blog post the GDS said that services from central government departments such as Disclosure and Barring Service are making use of the GaaP service, with new announcements of ‘the next phase of digital transformation’ to come in the next few weeks.

These posts will discuss significant transformation projects in small Whitehall departments without large back-end IT teams and larger departments, local authorities and health authorities. The blog post read that a lot has happened in the last three years, since the platform was first launched, moving from a theory of how the platform would work to putting this into practice.

“We’ve increased the number of registers available for public use to 34, with a further 36 in progress. The Registers team has also completed the first iteration of the Register Management Tool, which is being used internally to create and update registers,” the blog post said.

In particular, the blog mentions that the common platforms used by 200 government services, citing 35 million messages sent through GOV.UK Notify and £40m in payments taken by GOV.UK Pay. The GOV.UK Platform as a Service (PaaS) currently hosts 19 services and how PaaS is helping the Department for International Trade (DIT). Additionally, the post outlines how GDS has scaled up its operational support and also increased the range of functionality offered by the GaaP platforms.

The blog said that GOV.UK Email has switched its email notification system to use the GOV.UK Notify platform, enabling GOV.UK Notify to process an extra 500 million messages every year. GOV.UK Notify sent between 5,000 and 42,000 emails a day in the last 60 days of 2017.

Furthermore, it said GOV.UK PaaS has zero downtime on deployments and improved API downtime from up to 40 seconds, but highlighted that GOV.UK Pay is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring highest security standards for and services. GaaP also features in the digital strategies of government departments such as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the ‘BEIS: Digital, Data & Technology (DDaT) Strategy 2017-2020.

New Government Digital Standards

The blog said: “GaaP is also becoming the default choice for many departments at the centre of government. This was the stage we set out to reach.”

The updates to the platform have been announced ahead of GDS’ planned Spring Event in May this year.