Full-fibre gets boost with £190m funding up for grabs

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As the Digital Minister continues his mission for the UK to be world leader in full-fibre, fresh funding has been made available to quicken the implementation of the network.

The UK Government has now offered £190m additional funding to organisations, aiming to boost the speed full-fibre broadband is rolled out across the UK.

Quickening this process coincides with the aim to achieve the ‘world leader’ status Digital Minister Matt Hancock strives for. Ultimately this will enable more of the UK to have access to full-fibre, achieving Hancock’s vision.

Public bodies across the UK can apply for a share of the extra funding, as the Government hopes the offer will prompt broadband providers to install additionally networks in more locations across the UK.

Organisations across the public sector including local authorities, schools, NHS and transport sector can apply for a segment of the funding in order to install gigabit capable connections across the area.

Full-fibre developments quicken with £190m funding up for grabs

Boost in funding will quicken 5G roll out.

Hancock said: “Universal coverage of high speed broadband of at least 10Mbps is an important manifesto commitment that we must deliver, so everyone has today’s technology, as we develop the solutions and market for tomorrow.”

Four different types of projects will have the funding made available to them. The first is ‘Public Sector Anchor tenancy’ allowing organisations to bid head to head to install networks across multiple locations.

Secondly, a gigabit voucher scheme will be on offer from which businesses can acquire vouchers to install gigabit connections to extend connectivity to nearby premises. A third project will involve public sector building upgrades, with full-fibre being installed at specific government locations.

Finally, public sector asset reuse schemes. Money provided will go towards the development of connected infrastructure assets such as CCTV cameras.

The extra funding announcement coincides with the Chancellors Autumn Budget announcements regarding 5G and full-fibre distribution, to which Philip Hammond announced a further £500m investment will be put towards the development of 5G and full-fibre among other areas.

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Oozing confidence Hammond said: “For the first time in decades, Britain is genuinely at the forefront of this technological revolution. But we must invest to secure that bright future for Britain and win this Budget. That is what we intend to do.”

That is exactly what the government is doing; displaying their commitment repeatedly to ensuring the UK is the leading country in the development. Such a boost is another step in the right direction of which the technology industry is seemingly pleased.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer brands: EE, BT and Plusnet, said: “We work every day to provide our customers with the best 4G connectivity in the UK, and we’re also working to bring 5G to the UK as quickly as possible.

“As the biggest and fastest mobile network in the UK we’re ready to provide even better coverage with the help of these partners. For now, our priority continues to be rolling out 4G to even more of the UK, providing the foundation for 5G in the UK.”