Ex-BP Exec named Ministry of Defence CIO

Ex-BP Exec named Ministry of Defence CIO

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced a new Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the department following an open competition for internal and external candidates.

Charles Forte has been named as the successful candidate for the job, after searching for a suitable person since August last year, succeeding Ivan Hooper who has acted as CIO of the department as well as CEO of Information Systems and Services (ISS).

Ex-BP Exec named Ministry of Defence CIO

The deployment of the MoD strategy will be taken over by Forte as well as the policy for all of its IT, including cyber security. Forte’s previous job was as an IT specialist across the private sector, including Thames Water before spending two decades as an executive at BP.

Forte’s role will include working alongside Hooper at ISS to ensure the two departments integrate the technology into one another but working separately.

The MoD’s new appointment has over 30 years of experience across the industry and the department is happy with the appointment.

“Charles has 36 years industry experience gained from leading information technology companies globally,” the MoD said. “As part of his new role, Charles will be responsible for the development of MoD strategy and policy on the operation and protection of all MoD information and communications technology, including cybersecurity.”

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TechUK welcomed the appointment of Forte into the defence sector of the government, stating that separating the ISS division from MoD will encourage integrating digital elements across the department.

The organisations said: “There is a real impetus within UK defence to adopt information technologies and utilise data as a force multiplier, the appointment of Charles Forte is a big step towards delivering the digital vision for defence.”

Forte is expected to begin his CIO role towards the end of January this year.