Digital transformation top priority for businesses, finds Roc survey

Digital transformation top priority for businesses, finds Roc survey

A new survey has found that digital transformation was rated a top priority for almost half of businesses for business processes and IT leadership in organisations. 

The survey was part of Roc Technologies’ annual Achieving Excellence Europe conference and revealed that 42% of businesses put digital transformation as a priority, followed by a quarter voting for business growth initiatives.

Another interesting finding was that whilst GDPR regulations (13%) and skills shortages (13%) in the workforce were also identified as priorities for 2018, only 3% nominated Internet of Things (IoT) as their top focus area. However, the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), termed Brexit, failed to receive a single vote.

According to the survey, digital process acceleration indicated a growing interest and understanding of the potential of adopting automation and AI technologies. Nearly half respondents said that the adoption of business process optimisation (17%), automation (19%) and AI (8%) would be important tools in their digital transformation strategies for 2018.

Regarding the role of AI in their organisations, 27% of respondents said AI could transform customer experiences, almost a quarter (22%) said AI can transform business models, 16% said AI could be at the core of the services transformation strategy, and 11% said AI can improve their use of digital data.

For IT priorities, workforce productivity (27%) investments and cloud services (22%) adoption and migration were top focus areas. IT operational improvements (14%) and cyber security (8%) indicated that transforming the way IT delivers services to users and the growing and continuing threat of cyber risk continues to be top of mind for many.

Even though digital transformation was cited as the priority for 2018, 44% of respondents said they were concerned about their ability to run multiple digital programmes.

“The results paint a clear picture of digital transformation and business growth investments being the clear underpinnings of growth, productivity, and profitability.” Roc Technologies CEO Matt Franklin said. “Organisations are clearly prioritising the investments that drive differentiation and growth and provide the momentum to succeed irrespective of the major events that are outside of their direct control. And with a growing number of attendees recognising the benefits of process automation and the future potential of AI across their organisation, the future is being fast tracked driven by both business and technology leadership.”

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More than 130 organisations from public and private sectors, with senior delegates from business process, IT leadership and programme management participated in the Achieving Excellence Europe event.