Study says 75% of UK tech employees prefer to move overseas

UK tech employeesImage: Thee out of four UK tech employees happy to move abroad, says Decoding Digital Talent study. Photo: courtesy of Hitesh Choudhary/Pixabay.

A study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Totaljobs found that a majority of UK tech employees, at 75%, are happy to move out of the country in pursuit of better opportunities.

The figures come as a surprise given that London ranks as the no.1 city for tech and digital experts and the UK sitting in the fifth position among the preferred countries for techies.

In contrast, only 61% of non-tech workers are happy to work outside the UK, according to the Decoding Digital Talent study, which is part of the Decoding Global Talent series from BCG, Totaljobs and The Network.

However, the figures related to the UK tech employees are on par with their counterparts in other countries with two-thirds of techies across the world interested to relocate from their home countries, said the survey.

BCG partner and managing director Nick South said: “Whilst it is good news that London remains the most attractive city in the world for tech workers globally, UK companies – and the country as a whole – have to think very smartly about how we attract and retain the best UK and global digital talent, or they will vote with their feet.”

Decoding Digital Talent study suggests that UK tech employees give a higher priority to a healthy work-life balance in their job over other parameters such as financial compensation, and learning and development. The surveyed UK tech employees said that they also give priority to having good relationships with their peers and managers.

The study found that most techies across the world preferred working in large companies with a broader network of opportunities instead of small startups.

A total of 27,000 people across 180 countries were involved in the Decoding Digital Talent. The participants are said to have expert-level knowledge programming, web development, artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile application development, and engineering, among other skills.

Totaljobs group marketing director Alexandra Sydney said: “This research has identified that tech workers across the world, particularly those in the UK, know what they’re looking for and aren’t afraid to move countries to find it.

“The UK technology sector is growing 2.5x faster than the overall economy and is worth nearly £184 billion of the UK’s GDP. This means that there’s an onus on employers to increase employee attraction and retention to ensure the UK has enough tech talent to cope with demand.”

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