DASA launches new funding stream for open data sharing solutions

DASA seeks innovative ideas for open data sharing solutions for Defence.Image: DASA seeks innovative ideas for open data sharing solutions for Defence. Photo: courtesy of Crown copyright.

The UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) said that it will reward up to £100k through the new Innovation Focus Area (IFA) funding stream for Defence to innovative ideas for open data sharing solutions in the defence sector.

According to the Ministry of Defence’s accelerator programme, huge amounts of data sets are generated from various sources in defence. As an example, it said that a Type 45 Destroyer, over the course of a day, can generate up to 10 million lines of data.

The multiplication of data within the military presents a major challenge for operators, but also gives scope for interpreting differing data sets into meaningful information based on which informed and timely decisions can be made, said DASA.

The accelerator programme further stated: “Defence needs to share the information it generates with the wider Defence community for the collation, analysis and future management of data. This is vital if, for example, we are to analyse and predict the effects of different environments or scenarios on the condition of military assets and equipment; and predict when such equipment is in need of repair or replacement.

“The ability for operators to extract such information could save Defence time and money, and could even save lives.”

DASA said that in order to stay on par with the speed of the proliferation of data, defence requires to continually boost an individual’s ability to analyse and use such data. For this to happen, information needs to be shared with other nations, other government departments, across the services and with the supply base.

The challenge is to share the information quickly and effectively while maintaining the required levels of security, said the accelerator programme.

The longer-term aim of the research is to develop predictive maintenance tools, and provision of evidence-based recommendations to streamline inventory checks, which could extend the life of components.

The ‘Delivery and open data sharing solution’ IFA will take in ideas that can potentially analyse and share quickly structured and unstructured multi-source data, while sustaining its security classification. The deadline to submit innovative ideas for the next Open Call for Innovation deadline is 9 July 2019.

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