BT selects Juniper to deliver Network Cloud infrastructure initiative

BT Centre in Newgate Street, London.Image: BT Centre in Newgate Street, London. Photo: courtesy of Vismedia/BT Group plc.

British Telecommunications (BT) has selected Juniper Networks to deliver its Network Cloud infrastructure initiative with an objective to creating an automated, programmable network to offer faster, more robust services across its fixed and mobile portfolio.

The deployment will enable the roll out of BT’s Network Cloud and also pave way for a more flexible, virtualised network infrastructure that can provide the technology requirements of multiple lines of business for the telecommunications major from a single platform.

BT will also utilise the platform delivered by Juniper Networks to develop new converged services that will bring together mobile, Wi-Fi, and fixed network services.

Also through the implementation of the Network Cloud infrastructure, the company can combine a variety of currently discrete network functions and use them on a cloud infrastructure built to a common framework and share throughout the organisation, in the UK and across the world.

Services included in these are BT’s voice, mobile core and radio/access, ISP, global services, TV and IT services, and also a range of internal applications. The infrastructure will help in reducing operational expenditure and simplify operations across the organisation by a significant extent.

BT chief architect Neil McRae said: “We chose Juniper to be our trusted partner to underpin this Network Cloud infrastructure based on the ability to deliver a proven solution immediately, so we can hit the ground running.

“Being able to integrate seamlessly with other partners and solutions and aligning with our roadmap to an automated and programmable network is also important.”

To achieve the transition toward a more agile, virtualised network, BT is investing in various solutions from Juniper Networks across multiple tenants within the group’s network. These include dynamic end-to-end networking policy and control for telco cloud workloads by utilising Contrail Networking, cloud operations management by using AppFormix, and highly scalable and flexible spine and leaf underlay fabric with the QFX Series.

Juniper Networks chief technology officer Bikash Koley said: “As a renowned global service provider, BT is a shining example of how to evolve networks to become more agile.

“By leveraging the ‘beach-front property’ it has in central offices around the globe, BT can optimize the business value that 5G’s bandwidth and connectivity brings. The move to an integrated telco cloud platform brings always-on reliability, along with enhanced automation capabilities, to help improve business continuity and increase time-to-market while doing so in a cost-effective manner.”

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