DVLA car tax check now available on Amazon’s Alexa

DVLA car tax check now available on Amazon’s Alexa

Motorists around the UK can now access information from the DVLA by using Amazon’s Alexa.

Technology has been a large investment for the UK Government over the last year, which has now been taken further to benefit the way motorists access their vehicle information.

The DVLA is trialling an Alexa product, by Amazon, referred to as a ‘skill’ allowing customers to check their vehicle tax and MOT status, up to the minute they check it.

‘Alexa’ is the brain behind Amazon’s Echo product. Simply ask Alexa a question, Alexa will response. Living in the cloud, the device gets smarter each day updating itself and delivering these up to date upgrades straight to your device.

DVLA car tax check now available on Amazon’s Alexa

Alexa trials with DVLA to remind motorists about vehicle tax and MOTs

For the DVLA, it works by customers reading out their registration to a device such as Echo that has Alexa enabled. From that, ‘Alexa’ responds by reading the information back, letting the user know when their vehicle tax is due.

The help of Alexa enables customers to check the date their vehicle tax is due, at anytime, anywhere so they won’t forget. It also deals with their MOT status, using the device in a similar to way to check when their MOT is due.

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Olivia Morley, DVLA’s Chief Executive said: “We’re really excited about trialling an innovative skill that gives customers access to information about their vehicles.

“Providing choice in how people use our services is important to DVLA and by trialling this skill we are giving customers another way to get information quickly and easily – helping them to keep on top of their vehicle tax.

“This is another example of how we are always looking to test new ways of providing digital services to make things simpler and better for the UK’s motorists.”

Information about tax due dates and MOT information is also available on the government’s webpage. To download the skill, visit the Alexa Skill Store.